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Wynn's Specialist E10 Protector is specially developed to prevent problems of corrosion in vehicle fuel systems that are switching to using the new E10 fuel. It offers motorists an economical solution to eliminate the risk of engine damage caused by E10 fuel. 

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The E in E10 stands for ethanol and the 10 stands for the maximum percentage of ethanol that can be added to this fuel.  As ethanol is a fuel based on the fermentation of plants, the upside of making it part of your fuel mix is that it reduces the use of fossil fuels.  The downside is that the use of ethanol can cause driveability and corrosion issues that eventually can lead to component failure in your engine. This new product from Wynn’s protects engines against these ill effects. 

Wynn’s E10 protector  

  • Makes E10 safe for petrol engines 
  • Protects the fuel system against the harmful effects of E10 
  • Reduces the risk of expensive engine damage caused by E10 
  • Protects fuel system components against corrosion 
  • Lubricates the entire fuel system, including seals and gaskets 
  • Reduces friction and wear of fuel system components
  • Is harmless for catalytic converters 
  • Stabilises fuel preventing oxidation 
  • Restores engine performance and fuel economy 

If you’d like more information on this product, why not download the Wynn’s E10 Protector PDF factsheet. 

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Or, as we said above, if you’d like to start to protect your engines now you can order this product directly form us for pickup, same or next day delivery. 

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